InstaDeep’s in-house research team contributes to the latest advancements in AI - from the fundamentals of machine learning to robotics and deep reinforcement learning. Our published research has been presented at world-leading conferences such as NeurIPS 2018.

Mava: A new Framework for Distributed Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Arnu Pretorius (InstaDeep Ltd) | Kale-ab Tessera (InstaDeep Ltd) | Andries P. Smit (Stellenbosch University) | Claude Formanek (University of Cape Town) | St John Grimbly (University of Cape Town) | Kevin Eloff (Stellenbosch University) | Siphelele Danisa (University of Cape Town) | Lawrence Francis (InstaDeep Ltd) | Jonathan Shock (University of Cape Town) | Herman Kamper (Stellenbosch University) | Willie Brink (Stellenbosch University) | Herman Engelbrecht (Stellenbosch University) | Alexandre Laterre (InstaDeep Ltd) | Karim Beguir (InstaDeep Ltd)

Jul 2021

Scaling Properties of Deep Residual Networks

Alain-Sam Cohen (InstaDeep Ltd) | Rama Cont (University of Oxford) | Alain Rossier (InstaDeep Ltd & University of Oxford) | Renyuan Xu (University of Oxford)

ICML May 2021

Designing a Prospective COVID-19 Therapeutic with Reinforcement Learning

M. J. Skwark (InstaDeep) | N. L. Carranza (InstaDeep) | T. Pierrot (InstaDeep) | J. Phillips (InstaDeep) | | S. Said (InstaDeep) | A. Laterre (InstaDeep) | A. Kerkeni (InstaDeep) | U. Sahin (BioNTech) | K. Beguir (InstaDeep)

Dec 2020

3D Deep Learning for Biological Function Prediction from Physical Fields

V. Golkov (Technical University of Munich) ¦ M. Skwark (InstaDeep) ¦ A. Mirchev (Technical University of Munich) ¦ G. Dikov (Technical University of Munich) ¦ A. R Geanes (Vanderbilt University) ¦ J. Mendenhall (Vanderbilt University) ¦ J. Meiler (Vanderbilt University) ¦ D. Cremers (TU Munich)

Oct 2020

A game-theoretic analysis of networked system control for common-pool resource management using multi-agent reinforcement learning

A. Pretorius | T. Makkink | J. Shock | S. Cameron | S. Mawjee | A. Laterre | E. Van Biljon | J. Du Plessis | K. Beguir

Sep 2020

AlphaNPI-X: Learning Compositional Neural Programs for Continuous Control

T. Pierrot | N. Perrin | F. Behbahani | A. Laterre | O. Sigaud | K. Beguir | N. De Freitas

Jul 2020