Syngenta and InstaDeep collaborate to accelerate crops seeds trait research using AI Large Language Models

This collaboration further strengthens the Syngenta Seeds R&D engine for speed, precision, and power, accelerating trait advancement. Large Language Models (LLMs) aim to reduce research cycle time and bolster decision science to bring valued solutions to farmers.  The combined capabilities illustrate transformative product development through collaboration and innovation for corn and soybean crops. Basel, Switzerland,… Read more »

InstaDeep presents six papers at ICLR 2024

InstaDeep maintains its strong commitment to open research with six papers accepted for presentation at the 2024 ICLR conference being held in Vienna this week. The accepted papers cover a diverse range of subjects including Decision-making AI and Machine Learning for biology. Detailed summaries of each paper and their respective presentation slots are provided below…. Read more »

Building the next generation of AI models to decipher human biology

The human genome, containing the entirety of our genetic blueprint, holds the keys to understand the intricate workings of our cells and bodies. How our cells respond to signals, build proteins, and fight off diseases, is determined by instructions encoded within our DNA. While scientists have made tremendous progress in deciphering this code, especially since… Read more »

From Finance to AI: Meet Divanisha Patel

Divanisha Patel was working for a bank when the possibilities AI holds for positive change caught her imagination. Divanisha decided to make the jump from finance to AI. Now an InstaDeep research engineer based in South Africa, she drives projects ranging from logistics to energy optimisation using reinforcement learning (RL) techniques. She’s balancing her work… Read more »

Diving into Deep Learning: Meet Narimane Hennouni

Can competitive swimming prepare you for the dive into AI? Once a competitive swimmer in national and international competitions for 18 years, Narimane Hennouni brings a competitive and resilient mindset to her role as an InstaDeep research engineer in San Francisco. Now, she navigates the complexities of insurance analytics, Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB), and… Read more »

Mapping genomics with AI: Meet Maša Roller

Imagine waking to a world where every genetic sequence is a code waiting to be deciphered, pieces in a giant puzzle. That’s everyday life for Maša Roller, a senior computational geneticist at InstaDeep, who is using large language models (LLMs) to advance our understanding of genomics. She is an expert on finding the right questions,… Read more »

TIME honours InstaDeep CEO for building a better world with AI

TIME Magazine awarded CEO and Co-Founder Karim Beguir a TIME100 Impact Award for leading InstaDeep’s work to help communities and business tackle tough problems with AI. Karim was honoured at a gala ceremony in Dubai on February 11, 2024, alongside Meta’s Chief AI Scientist and Turing Prize winner Yann LeCun, AI ethicist Kay Firth-Butterfield and… Read more »

Tunis InstaDeep researchers at NeurIPS 2023’s NAML: North African Machine Learning workshop

Two InstaDeep Tunis-based AI researchers will present at NeurIPS 2023 NAML: North African Machine Learning workshop on multi-script handwriting recognition and what happens Multi agent Reinforcement Learning is built on economic theories. The pair’s different research interests illustrate the breadth of AI research happening in North Africa. Oussama Mahfoudhi looks at the logic of language… Read more »