Zohra Slim

InstaDeep Co-Founder profiled by NVIDIA Inception as a Female Founder

InstaDeep co-founder Zohra Slim has been profiled in a new article about leading female founders by the NVIDIA Inception programme. Zohra, a self-taught software, web and design expert, has always championed women in tech and AI, leading the way for other women to work in traditionally under-represented, male-dominated areas and roles.  She co-founded InstaDeep in… Read more »

AI-first Protein Design presented at IA Congreso 2021

This July, DeepChain lead, Nicolás Lopez Carranza, was invited to speak at this year’s IA Congreso (AI Congress) – the premier event for AI in Latin America. Representing InstaDeep, Nicolás presented on the topic of “AI-first Protein Design”, as part of a top line up of experienced AI professionals from the region and beyond. The… Read more »

Mava: A new Open-Source Framework for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Today, InstaDeep introduces Mava: a research framework specifically designed for building scalable, high-quality Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL) systems. Mava provides useful components, abstractions, utilities, and tools for MARL and allows for easy scaling with multi-process system training and execution while providing a high level of flexibility and composability. To support the field of single-agent reinforcement… Read more »

InstaDeep and iCompass open-source world-first Tunisian dialect AI language model to encourage innovation

TUNIS, TUNISIA, 22.06.2021: InstaDeep and iCompass announced Tuesday that the two AI companies would make TunBERT, their world-first Natural Language Processing (NLP) model for the underrepresented Tunisian dialect, available free and open-source to help spur innovation in Tunisia’s already rapidly growing AI and tech ecosystem.  Tunisia’s tech ecosystem has emerged as an economic and technological… Read more »

InstaDeep CEO featured on ‘Most Inspiring Africans’ list

For Africa Day 2021, The Africa I Know (TAIK) announced its inaugural list of Africa’s most inspirational leaders from across the STEM industries, “The TAIK 54 Most Inspiring Africans.” To InstaDeep’s great honour, CEO and Co-Founder Karim Beguir featured on the prominent list. TAIK compiled the list as part of its mission to positively change… Read more »

AI research collaboration between InstaDeep and University of Oxford accepted to ICML 2021

Residual networks (ResNets) have displayed impressive results in pattern recognition and, recently, have motivated the neural ordinary differential equations (neural ODE) architecture which garnered a lot of interest in the Machine Learning community. A widely established claim is that the Neural ODE is the limit of ResNets as the number of layers increases. A collaboration effort between InstaDeep and the University of Oxford challenges this claim by investigating the properties of weights trained by stochastic gradient descent and their scaling with network depth through detailed numerical experiments.

InstaDeep CEO to participate in Africa Day 2021 to discuss AI’s possibilities on the continent

Tuesday 25th May marks the 58th anniversary of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity, which first took place in 1963. In celebration of Africa Day, The Africa I Know (TAIK) is hosting a half-day webinar devoted to reflections of the progress that Africa and Africans have made, as well as focusing on solutions to the challenges still faced by the continent.

The Innovator names InstaDeep ‘Startup of the week’!

The online news outlet features promising companies from the world over on a weekly basis, focusing on connecting business with technology and taking a human angle to communicate the thought leadership behind the brand.  Innovator Founder and Editor Jennifer L. Schenker spoke to InstaDeep Co-founder and CEO Karim Beguir about the company’s unique ability to… Read more »

Karim Beguir on Intel AI Podcast: Applying RL in the real world!

InstaDeep’s CEO and Co-Founder Karim Beguir joins host Jake Smith from Intel to talk about how AI is driving autonomous decision-making at the enterprise level on Intel’s podcast ‘Conversation in the Cloud’.  The biweekly podcast features IT leaders who are driving the future of a software-defined infrastructure based data center. This week, Karim and Jake… Read more »

InstaDeep takes to the NVIDIA GTC stage with four contributions this spring

The first NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) of 2021 starts on Monday 12th April. InstaDeep will present cutting-edge developments in protein design and conversational AI for underrepresented language highlighting how GPUs, specifically the new DGX A100, accelerate InstaDeep’s R&D efforts.  Known for highlighting the advanced technologies transforming today’s industries, GTC 21 kicks off with a… Read more »