InstaDeep highlights the intersection of AI and biology at Biologics 2023 conference



For the third year running, InstaDeep sponsored and attended the London-based Biologics 2023 conference. The event, held at the end of March, brought together a panel of renowned leaders and scientists in the Biology industry to share new case studies, innovations, and technologies in the field.

Presentation highlights 

As a company that is committed to driving innovation and advancing the development of AI in the sector, InstaDeep was eager to return to the event and share its expertise to fellow attendees. On the second day of the conference, Karim Beguir, the CEO and Co-founder of InstaDeep, delivered a presentation on the impact and use of Large Language Models (LLMs) in Biology. He explained how InstaDeep uses these technologies to address challenging problems in protein design and genomics tasks, showcasing the company’s expertise in AI and Deep Learning.

During his presentation, Karim shared his vision of an “AI quadruple exponential ” that is powered by LLMs and driven by data. He highlighted how the field of Biologics is one of the largest sectors being redefined by AI language models, and provided examples of how it is now possible to derive crucial biological properties, such as DNA properties, from sequence alone. He also discussed the vast opportunities that AI offers to the Biotech industry and how InstaDeep is leveraging AI, high-performance computing, and technical expertise to drive significant breakthroughs in Biology. 

Advancing Biologics through AI and knowledge-sharing 

Nicolas Lopez Carranza, InstaDeep’s Head of BioAI, led the company’s presence at Biologics, and shared its innovative technology and services. He  shared his thoughts, saying: “It’s great to be at Biologics again. The whole team has been kept busy explaining our work on AI in Biology, and we’ve had some enlightening and very meaningful conversations with leading organisations who share our excitement for the possibilities.” He also extended an invitation for anyone who missed their presence at the event to reach out to and learn more about their vision.

InstaDeep’s presence and contribution at Biologics 2023

Overall, InstaDeep’s presence and contribution to the Biologics conference served as a testament to their dedication to advancing the field of Biologics through the application of AI and Deep Learning technologies. Karim’s presentation about AI and Large Language Models in Biology highlighted the significant role that these technologies will play in the future of Biologics and underscore InstaDeep’s position as a leader in the field.

About Biologics 

Biologics is held annually in London, and brings together professionals in Biologics R&D and educates attendees, from early-career scientists to industry leaders, on the latest research and innovation. It features a detailed programme covering topics such as antibody engineering, computational approaches, and Biologics characterization and analysis. The conference is known for its engaging discussion-based sessions and productive conversations, making it a premier event for those in the Biologics industry, and attendees engage in networking and on-site knowledge-sharing opportunities and experiences. 

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