InstaDeep Co-Founders named as Generative AI Power Players



Sifted have named InstaDeep co-founders Karim Beguir and Zohra Slim as the “architects of one of Europe’s highest profile generative AI exits” in their newly-published list of experts in this rapidly accelerating field of content production and consumption.  Sifted analysts reviewed the landscape of tech founders, commentators and key players to highlight those who they felt had the deep technical and industry insight and skills in this new and game-changing application of AI, resulting in a carefully curated top twenty list of names from across the European AI ecosystem.

The list also includes notable figures from InstaDeep partners DeepMind and Google; plus other companies – established and new – already having a significant impact in the field. 

Sifted is well-placed to assemble these names.  It is backed by the Financial Times and positions itself as the leading media brand for the European startup community. In 2022 it also included InstaDeep on its first “Europe’s Rising 100” report, which tracked the 100 B2B startups that “have the most potential to become a unicorn”.

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