Research Papers

The Quality-Diversity Transformer: Generating Behavior-Conditioned Trajectories with Decision Transformers

Valentin Macé | Raphaël Boige | Felix Chalumeau | Thomas Pierrot | Guillaume Richard | Nicolas Perrin-Gilbert

GECCO Jul 2023

MAP-Elites with Descriptor-Conditioned Gradients and Archive Distillation into a Single Policy

Maxence Faldor | Felix Chalumeau, | Manon Flageat | Antoine Cully

GECCO Jul 2023

Gradient-Informed Quality Diversity for the Illumination of Discrete Spaces

Raphael Boige | Guillaume Richard | Jérémie Dona | Thomas Pierrot | Antoine Cully

GECCO Jul 2023

The challenge of redundancy on multi-agent value factorisation

Siddarth Singh | Benjamin Rosman

AAMAS Journal Jun 2023

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Selective Reincarnation in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Claude Formanek | Callum Rhys Tilbury | Jonathan Shock | Kale-ab Tessera | Arnu Pretorius

ICLR Workshop May 2023

Neuroevolution is a Competitive Alternative to Reinforcement Learning for Skill Discovery

Felix Chalumeau | Raphael Boige | Bryan Lim | Valentin Macé | Maxime Allard | Arthur Flajolet | Antoine Cully | Thomas Pierrot

ICLR May 2023

Evolving Populations of RL Algorithms with MAP-Elites

Thomas Pierrot | Arthur Flajolet

ICLR May 2023

Empirical Analysis of PGA-MAP-Elites for Neuroevolution in Uncertain Domains

John Smith | Felix Chalumeau | Antoine Cully

ACM Transactions on Evolutionary Learning and Optimization Mar 2023

Scaling multi-agent reinforcement learning to full 11 vs 11 simulated robotic football

Andries Smit | Herman A. Engelbrecht | Willie Brink | Arnu Pretorius

AAMAS Journal Feb 2023

Reinforcement Learning for Branch-and-Bound Optimisation using Retrospective Trajectories

Christopher W.F. Parsonson | Alexandre Laterre | Thomas D Barrett

AAAI Feb 2023

Exact Combinatorial Optimisation with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Christopher W. F. Parsonson | Alexandre Laterre | Thomas D. Barrett

AAAI Feb 2023