InstaDeep presents our DeepPack product for complex load optimisation in logistics at NVIDIA GTC conference



Following on from the company’s record four contributions to NVIDIA’s Spring GTC, InstaDeep is delighted to be participating in the global Autumn event with a presentation on how advanced decision making AI is being used to solve real life enterprise problems.

GTC is being held fully online between 8-11 November and features a packed roster of talks, presentations and demonstrations. InstaDeep’s session, “Solving complex decision making problems with GPU-accelerated Reinforcement Learning” (Wednesday 10 November, 1000GMT), will delve into complex load optimisation/combinatorial decision making problems in the logistics sector, and show how the company’s DeepPack product uses Reinforcement Learning (RL) to overcome the challenges of traditional methods.

Load optimization is the process of consolidating multiple shipments and/or arranging freight to use the capacity of trucks, railcars, pallets, and any other types of containers in the most efficient way. Loading hundreds of items in containers is an NP-hard problem, also called 3D Bin Packing Problem (3DBPP). It cannot be solved exactly due to combinatorial explosion – the rapidly increasing complexity of a problem when more inputs create an exponentially higher number of possible combinations.

Illustrating the theory with a large-scale bin packing example, the session will explain how an RL-based approach overcomes classic heuristics limitations, and increases accuracy, scalability and flexibility in these types of combinatorial decision making problems.

About Dr Sinda Ben Salem

The session is presented by Dr Sinda Ben Salem, InstaDeep’s Product Lead for DeepPack. Dr Ben Salem received her doctorate in Operations Research from Ecole Centrale Paris in 2010, and went on to have a career spanning more than a decade of leading complex projects in the aviation field. She joined InstaDeep in 2019 and leads a team of engineers focused on developing DeepPack around the world. Dr Ben Salem will also be available during and after the presentation for questions via the GTC chat facility.

Elite Partner

InstaDeep is one of six Elite Service Delivery Partners worldwide (one of only two across all of EMEA), within the Compute DGX Competency category of the NVIDIA Partner Network.  Elite status is the most advanced collaboration level offered – testament to the company’s proven capabilities and dedication to delivering cutting-edge AI products and services.

Registration to GTC is free – you can browse the entire GTC event schedule here, and sign up here.