InstaDeep takes to the NVIDIA GTC stage with four contributions this spring

NVIDIA GTC is back next week for its biggest event to date! As an Elite Service Delivery Partner, InstaDeep is on the virtual stage as part of a panel discussion on AI in Africa and with three technical talks.



The first NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) of 2021 starts on Monday 12th April. InstaDeep will present cutting-edge developments in protein design and conversational AI for underrepresented language highlighting how GPUs, specifically the new DGX A100, accelerate InstaDeep’s R&D efforts. 

Known for highlighting the advanced technologies transforming today’s industries, GTC 21 kicks off with a keynote talk from Jensen Huang, NVIDIA Founder and CEO. Over four days, GTC21 will feature more than 1,400 inspiring presentations from industry pioneers and leading companies, bringing you breakthroughs in AI, graphics, accelerated computing, intelligent networking and more thorough interactive sessions, recorded presentations, demos, podcasts and training sessions. 

GTC Pioneer

InstaDeep is a seasoned GTC contributor with a strong track record. From its first keynote talk on Solving Logistics Problems with Deep RL on the main stage in Silicon Valley in 2019 to hosting an online RL training course in Spring 2020 and contributing with three talks in Autumn 2020. This year, our presence is more significant than ever. It includes showcasing our breakthroughs in drug discovery using DeepChain™, InstaDeep’s AI-powered protein exploration and design platform, and NLP, where we have built a text representation model for Tunisian dialect use cases.   

InstaDeep’s contributions: 

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Close partner collaboration

Our GTC presentations this year result from a close collaboration with some of our key partners, including NVIDIA, Boston and iCompass. “Our partners are key to our development and R&D breakthroughs, and we appreciate their constant support. NVIDIA’s GPU acceleration allows us to fast track the progress and deliver the best results in the quickest time”, says Karim Beguir, Co-Founder and CEO of InstaDeep.

You can browse the entire GTC course catalogue here, and registration is free; sign up here.