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We foster cross-cultural collaboration among our interns and team members worldwide, empowering them to drive innovation and create a lasting impact. As an intern, you will be fully immersed in real-life, high-impact projects across different industries from logistics and transportation, to healthcare, and biotechnology. You will have the opportunity to proactively propose and execute your input while receiving continuous support and guidance from your assigned supervisor(s) and experienced team members, who are always available to offer feedback and engage in discussions.

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What our interns say

Oumayma Benkhalifa

"I found an environment that aligns with my passion for making an impact. The team's enthusiasm for their projects and their encouragement of exploration and learning set InstaDeep apart from other companies."

Software Engineer Intern in Tunisia
Denis Tarasov

"InstaDeep values experience and performance over strict academic requirements, allowing me to collaborate and work on AI- and Bio-related projects. People here are experienced and really supportive, helping me use different frameworks and tools."

Research BioAI intern in Berlin
Noah De Nicola

"InstaDeep was the perfect place for me to apply my expertise in RL and research on meaningful and impactful projects. I had the chance to work with experienced researchers in a friendly and productive environment."

Research Intern in South Africa
Antoine Gorceix

"Being an intern at InstaDeep has been an intense journey at the heart of innovation. I've had the opportunity to delve into high-quality projects and research, which have been stimulating and valuable for my learning experience."

Research Intern in France

Why InstaDeep ?

Impactful projects, Real change

Our interns take on projects with real-world applications that drive real change, enabling them to witness the impact of their contributions to the company's future.

Collaborative and diverse environment

Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of our values. As an intern, you will be often working in dynamic and cohesive teams alongside other members and fellow interns, from different backgrounds.

Learning and growth opportunities

We prioritize the learning and growth of our interns, providing them with access to resources and opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills.

Research-driven approach

We make sure our interns learn about research methodologies and are well-versed in the strategies and processes for doing research, exploring new possibilities, and experimenting with novel ideas.

Empowerment and ownership

As an intern, you are encouraged to take initiative and be creative. Your ideas matter, and we'll support you every step of the way!

Supportive mentorship

You will be guided throughout your whole internship by your assigned supervisor and experienced team.


Explore our FAQs for valuable insights and find answers to your burning questions.

Academic requirements

Which fields of study are in high demand for internships at InstaDeep?

We offer internships across various fields, depending on the specific needs and projects at the time. While we value talent and potential in individuals from diverse academic backgrounds, some fields that are often in high demand for internships at InstaDeep include computer science, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data and software engineering (such as software, electrical, or mechanical engineering), and related disciplines. However, we encourage students from other fields of study who are passionate about technology and innovation to explore internship opportunities with us as well, as we value diverse perspectives and skill sets.

Are there specific academic backgrounds or majors preferred for certain internship positions?

While there may be certain internship positions at InstaDeep that have preferences for specific academic backgrounds or majors, we also value a diverse range of perspectives and skills. We believe that innovation thrives when people with different academic backgrounds come together to collaborate. We encourage candidates from various fields of study, including computer science, data science, mathematics, engineering, and related disciplines, to apply for internships. We assess candidates based on their qualifications, skills, and alignment with the specific requirements of the internship position. Our focus is on finding talented individuals who have the potential to contribute to our projects and bring fresh perspectives to our team.

Application process

What are the requirements and screening criteria for internship applications?

The requirements and screening criteria for internship applications at InstaDeep may vary depending on the specific internship position. Generally, we look for candidates who are enrolled in a relevant academic program or have recently graduated. We consider factors such as academic performance, relevant coursework, skills, and previous experience. Additionally, we assess candidates based on their passion for the field, problem-solving abilities, teamwork skills, and their alignment with our company culture. The screening process may involve reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and possibly technical assessments to evaluate the candidate's qualifications and fit for the internship opportunity.

Can I send you an application directly by email?

No. To ensure a streamlined application process, we kindly request that you use the designated application form available on this page. This allows us to effectively manage and review applications in a comprehensive manner.

Can I come to your office to drop off my application?

Unless you have been asked to do so by one of our teammates, please do not come to our offices unannounced.

Can I apply for an internship in a country I'm not a resident of?

Internships are mainly created to help the local talent pool develop the skills needed to be able to join InstaDeep after their internship. Every intern needs to have a mentor, which is why some locations have more internships than others. Please try to be mindful of that.
Also, keep in mind that we do NOT take the responsibility of sponsoring people's visas/work permits.

Professional development

Is remote work an option for interns, or is physical presence required?

If agreed with the hiring team, internships can take place remotely or in a hybrid form. For interns who are new to our team, we prefer an initial physical presence in our office to facilitate a seamless transition and assimilation into our team and culture.

Can interns transition into full-time positions after completing their internships?

Yes, we believe in nurturing talent and providing growth opportunities, and when opportunities align, we are excited to extend permanent roles to interns who have demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and a strong fit within our organization.
Generally, our interns have the opportunity to transition into full-time positions after successfully completing their internships based on their performance during the internship period and the hiring needs of the respective teams.

Compensation and benefits

Are internships at InstaDeep paid?

Yes, all of our internships are paid. The salary is determined by a market comparison based on education and work experience and may change from year to year based on the current market rate.

Do you offer summer internships or any internship that's less than 5-6 months?

No, we usually do not. We feel that any internship that's less than 5-6 months isn't really helpful, especially since it does take some time to adapt from a university setting to a work one.

What resources and professional development opportunities are available to interns at InstaDeep?

We provide interns with mentorship, meaningful projects, and professional development opportunities to support their growth and learning. This includes access to training programs, workshops, learning platforms, and collaborative team environments.