InstaDeep launches DeepPack Early Access Program



InstaDeep is pleased to announce our DeepPack Early Access Program. DeepPack is an AI-powered, scalable and easy to use SaaS that generates detailed, efficient and customisable loading plans in virtually real-time. It enables logistics and cargo operators to fully optimise containers, pallets, and ULDs, even for large and complex instances. 

Why DeepPack? 

  • Reduce cost and optimise resources: limited freight capacity, labour shortages and skyrocketing fuel prices.
  • Handle all your operational constraints, however complex and numerous, without compromising performance! 
  • DeepPack beats most traditional OR methodologies especially when constraints are added.
  • The reinforcement learning based approach enables DeepPack to continuously learn and self-improve based on your specific needs and usage.

Logistics and Cargo Operators can trial DeepPack free until the end of September

The DeepPack Early Access Program will give members:

  • Free access to the DeepPack tool + contact with the DeepPack product team. 
  • Prioritisation of upcoming product features development.
  • Substantial subscription discount in future.

Apply today, and see how DeepPack can optimise your load packing and save you time, space and money. The Early Access Program ends on 30 September 2022.