InstaDeep named in the ‘AI in Logistics Innovation Landscape 2021’ thanks to its ‘unique’ approach

The list, compiled by Data Root Lab, features 100 startups that bring AI products and solutions to the global logistics space through a novel approach, with InstaDeep highlighted for its Analytics and Software capabilities.



Data Root Lab has created the list of 100 global startups based on public information from sources including Crunchbase and others. It features companies who are disrupting the market bringing unique approaches of AI implementation to the enterprise space, with InstaDeep amongst only four UK companies featured.

InstaDeep has been working in the logistics space for years, offering state-of-the-art decision-making AI systems to our clients to optimize their supply chain. Our end-to-end products range from fleet scheduling and last-mile delivery to warehouse optimisation and predictive maintenance. With a bespoke offering, we can deploy AI systems that solve your pain points. Get in touch at to discuss your needs! 

Read the article by Data Root Labs in full here