InstaDeep co-founder featured as a panelist and facilitator for Deep Learning Indaba’s first live-streamed Social Event

The online event #IndabaSocial saw people tune in to hear about the interconnections of citizenship and AI, co-hosted by InstaDeep’s Co-Founder and CD&VO, Zohra Slim.



Saturday, August 22nd, the Deep Learning Indaba, whose mission is to strengthen Machine Learning and AI in Africa, hosted a social event with the aim of getting the community back together for an afternoon. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event took place online, a factor which didn’t stop more than 100 people from tuning in to hear from some of the influential women of the Indaba community, including InstaDeep’s Zohra Slim. 

Hosted by Zohra and Nyalleng Moorosi (Google AI, Ghana) the talk welcomed five other guests, namely Aseda Addai-Deseh (Wave-2 Analytics, Ghana), Elizabeth Benson (Joasher Technologies & Consultancy, Kenya),  Ezinne Nwankwo (Harvard Math Department, USA), Morine Amutorine Andria (Pulse Lab Kampala, Uganda) and Wilhelmina Nekoto (Data Engineer, Namibia). In a three hour session, they discussed and shared their experience during COVID quarantine, work conditions and challenges, and of course, AI and Machine learning across Africa. One of the main questions the women discussed was how AI is changing citizenship and vice-versa.

As a familiar name in the Indaba Community, Zohra welcomed the opportunity to talk to people across the continent. “In these unprecedented times, it is so important to stay in touch with the community when we unfortunately still can’t meet in person, nor do we know when we will be able to do so again. Sessions like the #IndabaSocial allows people to converse and discuss opportunities and developments, and hearing from strong, influential women is exactly the energy needed in the community to stay positive and productive”, says Zohra


The session was recorded so you can still watch it above or on YouTube.