InstaDeep Launches First Pure AI-Powered Printed Circuit Board Router

The Reinforcement Learning-powered platform is accelerating AI innovation in hardware and is set to revolutionise Electronic Design Automation. 



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LONDON, 28 NOVEMBER, 2019 — AI product company InstaDeep, announced this week the launch of its new decision-making routing platform, DeepPCB™. The fully scalable Printed Circuit Board (PCB) router is an entirely automated, no-human-in-the-loop cloud-native product. It allows the user to upload their own board and get results in less than 24 hours, accelerating customer development cycles by weeks, if not months.

Groundbreaking technology

DeepPCB™ uses innovative AI technology developed in-house to deliver fast results at a free or limited cost. Thanks to InstaDeep’s strong partnerships with NVIDIA and Intel, the TensorFlow-powered platform makes efficient use of both GPU and CPU hardware and is optimised for Google Cloud. Once the board is solved it can be uploaded onto KiCAD’s open platform as the product uses the same standard Spectra Session file format. 

“DeepPCB’s design is innovative. It avoids arbitrary heuristics built by human experts and favours learning at scale on our dedicated Machine Learning Cloud infrastructure. Therefore, it can add tremendous value for industrial players and shorten their time to market”, says Karim Beguir, Co-founder and CEO of InstaDeep.

Global expansion 

With more than 35 years of cumulative in-house experience in hardware and electronics, InstaDeep has both industry domain expertise and advanced AI capabilities. Seeing the PCB design software market is expected to reach an estimated $4.8 billion by 2026, it is an attractive space with great potential and makes for a strategic investment for InstaDeep. “Our product offers something completely new. We have worked on DeepPCB for more than a year and it is very exciting for us to bring this disruptive product to market”, says Beguir. 

DeepPCB™ provides Design Rules Checking (DRC) clean files and supports multi-wire nets and planes. It launched this week in a beta version.

Best year to date 

The announcement comes on the back of InstaDeep’s best year to date, a year that saw the company’s latest joint Google DeepMind-InstaDeep research be accepted for a spotlight presentation at NeurIPS 2019 with a top global ranking of 2.4%. Additionally, in 2019 InstaDeep became a preferred Deep Learning partner for NVIDIA, and won a large tender project with Deutsche Bahn to optimise the German railway network using Reinforcement Learning, amongst other large ongoing projects.