Decision-Making AI For The Enterprise

InstaDeep delivers AI-powered decision-making systems for the Enterprise. With expertise in both machine intelligence research and concrete business deployments, we provide a competitive advantage to our customers in an AI-first world.

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Building AI systems for the industry

Leveraging its expertise in GPU-accelerated computing, deep learning and reinforcement learning, InstaDeep has built AI systems to tackle the most complex challenges across a range of industries and sectors.

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Our latest updates from across our channels

IndabaX South Africa – Using MARL to Play StarCraft II...

on Oct 26, 2021 | 09:00am

Continuing the company’s commitment to supporting and building the AI and ML community across Africa following the highly successful IndabaX Tunisia, InstaDeep is also organizin...

IndabaX Tunisia returns, thanks to InstaDeep and IEEE Sup’Com S...

on Oct 19, 2021 | 04:43pm

This October, InstaDeep and IEEE Sup’Com SB co-hosted the second annual IndabaX Tunisia, one of several IndabaX events happening across Africa in 2021.  Organised in a nove...

InstaDeep’s Youssef Ben Dhieb speaks at launch of new Omani AI ...

on Oct 08, 2021 | 09:00am

InstaDeep’s Youssef Ben Dhieb recently took to the (virtual) stage to discuss how AI can be used to optimize operations and reduce costs, during the launch event for Nebula AI:...

IndabaX Tunisia 2021

InstaDeep co-hosts IndabaX Tunisia 2021...

on Sep 27, 2021 | 10:10am

InstaDeep is proud to announce that it is co-hosting the 2021 IndabaX Tunisia with long-time partner IEEE.  IndabaX - “a gathering” - will enable Tunisians right across t...

IndabaX Nigeria

InstaDeep supports IndabaX Nigeria 2021 as Silver sponsor...

on Sep 16, 2021 | 09:30am

As part of InstaDeep’s ongoing commitment to supporting AI in Africa, the company is pleased to be a Silver sponsor of IndabaX Nigeria 2021.  With a company office in Lagos...

Biologics UK

InstaDeep completes successful Biologics UK conference...

on Sep 09, 2021 | 02:34pm

This week, the InstaDeep team attended the Biologics UK conference in London - a welcome and highly successful return to in-person events, and an exciting opportunity to support t...

AI Expo Africa

InstaDeep showcased at AI Expo Africa 2021...

on Sep 07, 2021 | 08:59am

InstaDeep is pleased to reaffirm its support for AI Expo Africa for the third consecutive year, as Silver sponsors of the event.  The continent-wide, virtual Expo is taking p...

InstaDeep confirms Gold sponsorship of Biologics UK conference...

on Sep 02, 2021 | 09:51am

InstaDeep is delighted to announce it is a Gold sponsor of the 2021 Biologics UK conference happening in London on 6-8 September 2021.  The event, billed as “Europe’s Pre...

AMLD Speaker banner

InstaDeep announces Gold sponsorship of EPFL Applied Machine Lear...

on Aug 31, 2021 | 02:26pm

InstaDeep is pleased to announce its Gold sponsorship of the forthcoming École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne’s (EPFL) Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD), taking place...


DeepChain Platform and DeepChain Apps presented at ISMB/ECCB 2021...

on Aug 09, 2021 | 08:59am

InstaDeep’s Nicolás Lopez Carranza and Marcin J. Skwark recently presented the DeepChain protein design platform at the highly prestigious ISMB/ECCP 2021 conference.  Speaking...


Mava: A new Framework for Distributed Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Arnu Pretorius (InstaDeep Ltd) | Kale-ab Tessera (InstaDeep Ltd) | Andries P. Smit (Stellenbosch University) | Claude Formanek (University of Cape Town) | St John Grimbly (University of Cape Town) | Kevin Eloff (Stellenbosch University) | Siphelele Danisa (University of Cape Town) | Lawrence Francis (InstaDeep Ltd) | Jonathan Shock (University of Cape Town) | Herman Kamper (Stellenbosch University) | Willie Brink (Stellenbosch University) | Herman Engelbrecht (Stellenbosch University) | Alexandre Laterre (InstaDeep Ltd) | Karim Beguir (InstaDeep Ltd)

Jul 2021

Scaling Properties of Deep Residual Networks

Alain-Sam Cohen (InstaDeep Ltd) | Rama Cont (University of Oxford) | Alain Rossier (InstaDeep Ltd & University of Oxford) | Renyuan Xu (University of Oxford)

ICML May 2021

Designing a Prospective COVID-19 Therapeutic with Reinforcement Learning

M. J. Skwark (InstaDeep) | N. L. Carranza (InstaDeep) | T. Pierrot (InstaDeep) | J. Phillips (InstaDeep) | | S. Said (InstaDeep) | A. Laterre (InstaDeep) | A. Kerkeni (InstaDeep) | U. Sahin (BioNTech) | K. Beguir (InstaDeep)

Dec 2020

3D Deep Learning for Biological Function Prediction from Physical Fields

V. Golkov (Technical University of Munich) ¦ M. Skwark (InstaDeep) ¦ A. Mirchev (Technical University of Munich) ¦ G. Dikov (Technical University of Munich) ¦ A. R Geanes (Vanderbilt University) ¦ J. Mendenhall (Vanderbilt University) ¦ J. Meiler (Vanderbilt University) ¦ D. Cremers (TU Munich)

Oct 2020

A game-theoretic analysis of networked system control for common-pool resource management using multi-agent reinforcement learning

A. Pretorius | T. Makkink | J. Shock | S. Cameron | S. Mawjee | A. Laterre | E. Van Biljon | J. Du Plessis | K. Beguir

Sep 2020

AlphaNPI-X: Learning Compositional Neural Programs for Continuous Control

T. Pierrot | N. Perrin | F. Behbahani | A. Laterre | O. Sigaud | K. Beguir | N. De Freitas

Jul 2020

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