Decision-Making AI For The Enterprise

InstaDeep delivers AI-powered decision-making systems for the Enterprise. With expertise in both machine intelligence research and concrete business deployments, we provide a competitive advantage to our customers in an AI-first world.

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Building AI systems for the industry

Leveraging its expertise in GPU-accelerated computing, deep learning and reinforcement learning, InstaDeep has built AI systems to tackle the most complex challenges across a range of industries and sectors.

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Our latest updates from across our channels

InstaDeep and Google Cloud are developing the next generation of ...

on Nov 30, 2022 | 01:00pm

You are what you eat. We’ve all been told this, but the truth is what we eat is often more complex than we are – genetically at least. Take a grain of rice. The plant that pro...

InstaDeep hits a new record, taking five papers to New Orleans fo...

on Nov 28, 2022 | 02:03pm

InstaDeep is pleased to announce that a record five of its AI research papers have been accepted for presentation at the Thirty-sixth Annual Conference on Neural Information Proce...

InstaDeep participe au XVIIIème Sommet de la Francophonie 2022 e...

on Nov 22, 2022 | 05:09pm

Karim Beguir, Cofondateur et CEO d’InstaDeep a été invité au Forum Économique de la Francophonie "FEF Djerba 2022" en marge du XVIIIème Sommet de la Francophonie organisé...

InstaDeep spotlights AI supply chain innovation as Generation Log...

on Sep 27, 2022 | 10:00am

InstaDeep is proud to be a launch sponsor of Generation Logistics, a first of its kind UK national campaign to reframe the logistics industry for the future and recruit the next g...

InstaDeep research paper accepted at NeurIPS, makes history with ...

on Sep 23, 2022 | 09:14am

InstaDeep is very pleased to announce that it has had a paper accepted at this year’s NeurIPS conference. The paper’s lead authors are Rihab Gorsane, Omayma Mahjoub (former in...

InstaDeep Hosts Biggest-Ever AI Hack...

on Sep 05, 2022 | 11:32am

During the last week of August, the Rades Omnisports Arena in Tunis was filled with the sound of 1000+ competitors, plus several hundred mentors, volunteers and support staff for...

Africa’s AI community gathers in Tunis for Deep Learning Indaba...

on Aug 30, 2022 | 05:17pm

Empowering African AI talent at in-person event for the first time post-covid InstaDeep played a key role as co-organiser of the Deep Learning Indaba, Africa’s biggest AI and...

DeepChain Team reinforce presence in Boston at Drug Discovery Sum...

on Aug 19, 2022 | 06:26pm

The DeepChain team recently attended the Drug Discovery in AI Summit in Boston, MA, to exhibit their powerful protein design platform.  The event attracted a strong mix of bi...

InstaDeep joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Programme...

on Aug 18, 2022 | 10:32am

London, United Kingdom, August 18, 2022 — InstaDeep today announced that it has strengthened its collaboration with Google Cloud by joining the Partner Advantage programme as ce...

InstaDeep open-sources CATX library, enabling contextual bandits ...

on Jul 22, 2022 | 10:44am

As part of its commitment to giving back to the international AI and technology community, InstaDeep is pleased to announce it has made its new CATX library available on GitHub. C...


Population-Based Reinforcement Learning for Combinatorial Optimization

Nathan Grinsztajn | Daniel Furelos Blanco | Tom Barrett

Oct 2022

Multi-Objective Quality Diversity Optimization

Thomas Pierrot | Guillaume Richard | Karim Beguir | Antoine Cully

GECCO Jul 2022

Fast Population-Based Reinforcement Learning on a Single Machine

Arthur Flajolet | Claire Bizon Monroc | Karim Beguir | Thomas Pierrot

ICML Jun 2022

Diversity Policy Gradient for Sample Efficient Quality-Diversity Optimization

T. Pierrot | V. Macé | F. Chalumeau | A. Flajolet | G. Cideron | K. Beguir | A. Cully | O. Sigaud | N. Perrin-Gilbert

ICLR, GECCO Apr 2022

Autoregressive neural-network wavefunctions for ab initio quantum chemistry

Dr Thomas Barrett | Prof A. I. Lvovsky | Aleksei Malyshev

Nature Machine Intelligence Apr 2022

Robust and Scalable SDE Learning: a Functional Perspective

Scott Cameron | Tyron Cameron | Arnu Pretorius | Stephen Roberts

ICLR Jan 2022

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