InstaDeep supports GDG Algiers DevFest



InstaDeep is pleased to announce its involvement in the GDG Algiers DevFest, happening simultaneously online and at the offices of another locally-based sponsor, Altius Services, between 18-20 November.

Organizers promise that this 10th edition of the event will take the Google Developers community on a memorable journey full of learning and fun with interesting talks and workshops held by experts in different fields. In addition, there will be a Hackathon, titled “Live AI: Get through daily life using AI“, where participants will develop innovative AI-based solutions to solve everyday problems. 

InstaDeep is supporting the DevFest in multiple ways: by offering an opportunity for the Hackathon’s winners to interview for an internship with the company; by speaking during the event; and by helping the winning teams continue their AI journey through sponsorship of AI-focused training courses.

The InstaDeep team will be sharing their expertise by presenting three sessions:

  • Impactful AI – Karim Beguir, Co-Founder and CEO 
  • Reinforcement Learning a new breed of ML projects – Amine Kerkeni, Head of Engineering 
  • Distributed Machine Learning – Azzeddine Chenine, AI Research Engineer 
InstaDeep speakers at GDG Algiers DevFest

Women TechMakers Algiers, the local chapter of the WTM program founded by Google to increase the presence of women in the STEM field and also spread learning and build role models globally, will also be part of the event, and is holding its own set of workshops and activities alongside a special track celebrating Ada Lovelace Day.

The event is also supported by Altius Services, LG Algiers and Weights & Biases

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