InstaDeep co-founder speaks on “Promoting Female Talent” panel 



InstaDeep’s co-founder and CWO, Zohra Slim, attended the closing ceremony of the 3rd edition of the “Promoting Female Talent” career development program that took place at the Four Seasons Tunis hotel this week.

Zohra was invited discuss the “Disruptive tech impact on Tunisia” alongside three other Tunisian women pioneers in the field of technology and artificial intelligence: Wala Kasmi, CEO of We Code Land, Suzy (Sawsan) Mahjoub, Chief Communication Officer at iCompass, and Samia Chelbi, expert in social innovation and founder of NetInfo and Digiartlivinglab.

The discussion covered the social and economic impact of technology, with Zohra commenting that, “technology is absolutely changing the world and the impact that it has economically is visible. By being fair and by adding equality and equity to technology, we can cause awesome changes in society and economy. Technology can have a huge impact on our country – we have the talents so it’s up to us to do it!

As established female tech entrepreneurs, the panelists gave valuable advice to the audience of young women participating in the career development program, including insightful comments like, “this is the right time for you to take risks and follow your passion. Believe in yourself, let your heart be your own mentor and don’t let anyone tell you that only men can succeed in the tech field” in response to an attendee’s question about the first steps to start a career in AI and technology.

About the “Promoting Female Talent” programme

Promoting Female Talent is a one-year programme that aspires to frame and enhance the talents of young Tunisian women and prepare them for leadership and pivotal roles in the Tunisian economy. Over the course of a year, 40 girls attended a series of training lessons in life skills, law, communication project management. The program also allowed them to meet with project owners and get acquainted with leaders in several vital fields.
The programme is co-organized between GIZ Tunisia as part of their ongoing MENA-wide work to promote the employment of young women and gender diversity in the enterprise; and the “Digital4Jobs” project, which is supported by the “Invest for Jobs” special training and employment initiative from the Tunisia Digital Transformation Center, and mandated by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.