InstaDeep Promoted to NVIDIA Elite Service Delivery Partner

InstaDeep is one of six companies globally promoted to an Elite Service Delivery Partner, within the Compute DGX Competency category of the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN).



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London, UK, April 23, 2021: InstaDeep today announced that it has qualified as an Elite-level service provider within the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN). InstaDeep is one of only two companies in the EMEA region to  earn this designation, which requires a greater engagement with NVIDIA and demonstrated expertise deploying GPU-accelerated supercomputing solutions.

“We are delighted to learn that InstaDeep has qualified as an NPN Elite level partner. InstaDeep is innovating in decision-making AI and this wouldn’t be possible without GPU-accelerated insights at scale. We appreciate NVIDIA’s ongoing support and trust in us as an AI leader,” says Karim Beguir, CEO and co-founder of InstaDeep.

NVIDIA DGX A100 and Platform Adopter 

Since becoming an NVIDIA Inception member in 2017, InstaDeep qualified as a Preferred Partner in Deep Learning in 2019 following a thorough technical review of its competencies and client engagements. Since then, the collaboration has expanded into new areas of expertise, with InstaDeep leveraging the full NVIDIA AI hardware and software stack and ecosystem. InstaDeep utilises NVIDIA GPUs for optimal training and performance on internal products and enterprise engagements. The company recently acquired an NVIDIA DGX A100 system and was an early adopter of NVIDIA frameworks, including NVIDIA Jarvis for conversational AI, NVIDIA Merlin for deep learning recommender systems and NVIDIA DeepStream for intelligent video capture and computer vision. InstaDeep has also trained several internal experts on NVIDIA CUDA to support clients with the creation of parallel algorithm development that enables increased computing performance.

With NPN support, InstaDeep is also working on state-of-the-art research initiatives such as developing an Arabic voice assistant with Jarvis, which was presented at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in October 2020.  

Six Elite SDP partners globally

The recent expansion of the NVIDIA channel program highlights NVIDIA investment and commitment to the success of enterprise partners. The NPN program now includes updated incentives, industry-specific training, advanced methods for tracking sales metrics, and additional options for top-performing partners to be recognised. 

The Elite status is the most advanced collaboration level offered today. Currently, two companies hold NPN Elite SDP-Professional Services Preferred Partner status in EMEA – with six partners globally. “Being in this exclusive group is a testament to our capabilities and dedication to delivering cutting-edge AI products and services. Rooted in our in-house research, we are proud to be where we are today, and NVIDIA has been a valued collaborator along the way,” says Beguir.

“NVIDIA partners like InstaDeep help customers select the right infrastructure and software to ensure success throughout their AI adoption lifecycle,” said Alfred Manhart, vice president of EMEA Channel at NVIDIA. “As an Elite NPN partner, InstaDeep has demonstrated its expertise in GPU-accelerated AI and data science deployments across conversational AI, recommender systems and computer vision to help Europe’s leading industries accelerate their AI initiatives.”

InstaDeep’s supercomputer is hosted in Kao Data’s Harlow campus, which is also the home of the UK’s most powerful supercomputer, NVIDIA’s Cambridge-1