InstaDeep delivers Deep Learning training to Google Developer Student Club

Five InstaDeepers provide two-weeks of AI training for 30 Google Developer Student Club leads in the MENA region.



The virtual sessions ran for two weeks from early August with the aim of sharing our extensive knowledge and experience in AI and provide an understanding of the Machine Learning fundamentals for the students to work on Deep Learning projects in the future. The sessions ranged from an introductory session on AI and an overview of classical ML approached, to focusing on Deep Learning specifically with specific areas such as Neural Networks and NLP. 

The students came from Google Developer Student Clubs across a range of different universities in the Middle East and North Africa. Each day was split into two sessions with the main topics covered by InstaDeep including:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by AI Research Engineer Youssef Ben Dhieb
  • Classical Machine Learning Models by AI Research Engineer Nourchene Ferchichi
  • Data Exploration by AI Research Engineer Sirine Bouslama
  • Recurrent Neural Networks, Long Short-Term Memory and Gated Recurrent Unit, and State Of The Art NLP architecture: The Transformer by PhD Student in Engineering Ahmed Cheikhrouhou (three separate sessions) 
  • How to improve your model’s result and Gradient boosting Libraries by Data Scientist Mohamed Salem Jedidi

University initiative 

The Google Developer Student Clubs are connected to universities across the world who run regular sessions on a range of topics to encourage knowledge sharing and development. For more information on initiatives and upcoming events near you check out their page.

Get in touch should you be interested in a training session of your own via