InstaDeep partner with Kickstart to drive AI innovation in Smart City & Technology in Switzerland

From thousands of applicants across the globe, the Swiss innovation platform Kickstart selects InstaDeep to join their Smart City & Technology accelerator program to collaborate with established organisations and drive innovation across the country.



Kickstart, one of Europe’s largest zero equity, multi-corporate ecosystem innovation platforms, today announced that InstaDeep is amongst nine companies selected to their Smart City & Technology vertical to assist in driving innovations in Switzerland. The Zurich based company runs a scale-up program for later-stage startups with a goal to accelerate groundbreaking deep tech solutions through close collaboration with the company’s corporate partners including AXA, Coop, Migros, Energie 360°, Holcim Switzerland, City of Zurich and others.

InstaDeep was selected on the basis of its broad experience in building bespoke AI products and solutions to optimise processes, increase efficiency and enhance safety utilising advanced machine learning including Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning. Specifically to Smart City, InstaDeep’s solutions range from traffic optimisation and multi-vehicle routing, with a transportation solution currently in production for Deutsche Bahn, Intelligent Video Automation (IVA) detection solution, and warehouse automation amongst other offerings.

Kickstart is committed to facilitating unprecedented collaboration between established organisations and the most audacious entrepreneurs out there. To ensure a good fit, the corporate partners are closely involved in the selection process.

“We are thrilled to partner with Kickstart to assist corporations and cities across Switzerland in addressing their challenges and foster sustainable development with cutting-edge AI. By implementing innovative products and solutions, AI can significantly improve safety and efficiency in operations and across the supply chain and the opportunities in a city environment are endless”, says Karim Beguir, CEO and Co-Founder of InstaDeep.  

In total, Kickstart has selected 51 start-ups across five verticals to work closely with the partners throughout the Autumn. We look forward to starting the conversations and see collaborations come to fruition.