Learn with InstaDeep: This week’s online training!

Two of InstaDeep's Research Engineers and education enthusiasts, Elyes Manai and Amel Sellami, are this week contributing to several online training initiatives through Facebook Developer Circles, Google Developer Group (GDG) and the Start-up Grind. Take the opportunity to listen and learn - enjoy!



AI for Crisis Management

Elyes kicked-off the week with a crash-course into ‘AI for crisis management’ on Monday 20th April explaining how AI works and the different ways AI can be used to deal with an international crisis. From predicting the number of casualties and detecting hot spots in need of extra care, to running simulations and resource management, the audience of Facebook Developer Circles Gaza was in for a treat. Watch it yourselves below! 


NLP introduction

Next up was Amel who, as part of the Google Developers Expert‘s Mena Digital Days initiative, gave a ‘Gentle Introduction to NLP’ on Tuesday 21nd April. In addition to providing a general overview on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Amel spoke about the history of NLP and the toolbox needed to succeed. 

Watch the recording in full below or via the link here.

ML Cloud Resources

Also part of Mena Digital Days was Elyes’ presentation on ML Cloud resources on Wednesday 22nd. In his talk ‘Free ML Cloud Resources with Google Colab’ he shared his thought on how to best utilise the cloud for AI. 

Watch the live recording below or via the link here (talk in Arabic).

Upcoming talks

There are also two talks you can still catch live! This Saturday 25th April, Elyes is giving the following presentations:

Both speakers were delighted to share their knowledge and passion for AI during these virtual events. At InstaDeep, we are proud to contribute with online training and workshop during these unprecedented times where we can not meet through in-person events.

Stay home, stay safe and keep learning!