Karim Beguir talks DeepPCB™ on the TWIML Podcast

This March, InstaDeep's Co-Founder and CEO, Karim Beguir, joined host Sam Charrington on the TWIML podcast to talk about our newest offering, DeepPCB™!



Listen below as Sam and Karim discusses the end-to-end platform for automated circuit board design powered by Deep Reinforcement Learning. The pair talk about the challenges and problems with some of the original iterations of auto-routers, and Karim also defines circuit board “complexity”, the differences between reinforcement learning being used for games and in this use case, and well as InstaDeep’s spotlight paper from NeurIPS 2019, co-authored with a team from Deepmind.

Click to hear the episode:

Automating Electronic Circuit Design with Deep RL w/ Karim Beguir

The TWIML podcast is formerly known as This Week In Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.