GDG Online Webinars: Four Talks By InstaDeepers during Mena Digital Days

The Digital Days are focusing on a range of topics including technology and leadership, and with multiple Google Developer Experts in-house, InstaDeep was asked to give not only one but four talks during the first week focusing on explainable ML.



Mena Digital Days, a Google Developer Group initiative out of Dubai, kicked off on Sunday 22 March and will be running workshops and live talks every Sunday to Thursday until July 2020 on their YouTube channel. Covering technology, leadership, as well as various programs, week one focuses on ‘ML for Everyone’ and not less than three InstaDeepers, all qualified Google Developer Experts, were asked to present during this week!

How to think AI first

Up first, on the 22nd March, was CEO and Co-Founder Karim Beguir, who took the opportunity to speak about how you can “think AI-first” and seize the opportunities that exist in AI today!

His talk covers:

  • AI today
  • How to get perspective on what is important within AI
  • How can you be part of the AI-wave
  • How do you navigate the, for many people, complicated environment
  • How to go about your “AI thinking”

Watch Karim’s presentation above or in full on YouTube here!

AI for Women’s Online Safety

Next up from InstaDeep was Research Engineer Amel Sellami who in fact held two talks! 

Her first talk, on the 25th March, explains how AI can be used to help promote a safer world for women online. The incredibly important topic is stressed by the United Nations Human Rights, who in this article from June 2018 reveal that women in fact are 27 times more likely to be harassed online globally than men. They write “Women all too frequently faced harassment and intimidation online that spilled over into the real world. Those attacks sought to silence women. Online campaigns against women rights defenders and organizations aimed to damage their credibility as advocates and restrict the already limited public space afforded to women activists. If such trends continued, online spaces could widen sex- and gender-based discrimination.”

Watch Amel’s presentation below or in full on YouTube here.


Computer Vision Demystified

Amel spoke again on the 26th March, this time presenting a more technical talk on computer vision. ‘Computer Vision Demystified’ gives you insight into what computer vision actually is and how to use and implement it.

Watch Amel’s presentation below or in full on YouTube here.


Accelerating Training Pipelines

The final InstaDeepers to speak during the first week of Mena Digital Days, also on Thursday 26th, was Research Engineer Youssef Ben Dhieb with his talk “Accelerating Training Pipelines in TensorFlow 2.0″.

The focus of Youssef’s talk is:

  • How you can write your own training loops
  • How you can speed up your training with, tf.functions and tf.distribute
  • Other performance tips and tricks

Watch Youssef’s presentation below or  in full on YouTube here (talk in French)


For more information and full speaker line-up, check out Mena Digital Days.