Two InstaDeepers on stage at AAIS‘19

This October saw two of InstaDeeps AI engineers, Youssef Ben Dhieb and Nourchene Ferchichi travel to Sweimeh, Jordan, to participate in the prestigious AI event Arab Artificial Intelligence Summit (AAIS). 



Organised by the Phi Science Institute, the 2019 edition aimed to address how we through AI technology can secure a better future, build a suitable AI infrastructure, spread awareness and encourage innovation across the Arab region.

Keynote on AI implementation

Nourchene Ferchichi got on stage for her keynote on how InstaDeep handles AI implementation, highlighting some of the major projects our NLP team has done to date. Additionally, she had the pleasure of introducing a workshop on Human Language Understanding, covering the basics as well as applications for digital marketing.

Nourchene, however, did not stop at that! The AAIS audience also saw her on the judging committee in the final round of the Developers’ Track, a challenge exploring youth’s ideas of implementing AI in various fields.

AI entrepreneurship panel discussion

InstaDeep’s presence rolled on during the event, with Youssef Ben Dhieb taking part in a panel discussion on entrepreneurship in AI. With his substantial knowledge of Machine Learning, he responded to questions such as ‘where are the innovation boundaries in AI’ amongst other questions. Youssef also had a chance to showcase some of InstaDeep’s computer vision projects while introducing a workshop that also saw him address Deep Learning and its real-world applications. 

From government to investors 

This year’s AAIS gathered more than 1,000 people, including attendees from the Arab governments, policymakers, AI professionals, young researchers, academics, investors, and startups. We are proud of our colleagues for taking to stage and representing InstaDeep at this event. Together we can drive our ambition to accelerate the transition to an AI-first world that benefits everyone.