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Last week, the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement, Endeavor, selected CEO and co-founder of InstaDeep, Karim Beguir, as an Entrepreneur for Tunisia. With the support of Endeavor, the already thriving AI start-up founded in Tunis in 2015, anticipates further growth and development.

The announcement comes following a rigorous selection process at Endeavor’s International Selection Panel (ISP) event in South Africa, held 11th – 13th December, where a mere 25 candidates succeeded in demonstrating their commitment and innovative drive for advancing their cause. The US-based global organisation selects only elite start-ups into the entrepreneurial community where they in turn facilitate introductions to US CEOs and investors.

“I am so excited to be an entrepreneur for Endeavor Tunisia. Not only does it open a range of opportunities for further expansion and growth for InstaDeep, the high-quality introductions we get to business mentors and potential partners and clients, are remarkable. This was evident in the individuals I met through the four selection rounds – I was truly impressed by the quality of people”, says Beguir.

InstaDeep, which in 2017 was named as one of 20 intriguing global AI firms to watch by PC Mag 1, specialises in delivering cutting-edge AI solutions to the enterprise. Through a product-driven platform powered by deep reinforcement learning, InstaDeep can employ decision-making AI solutions to real-life environments.

“Our innovative AI technology utilises the enterprise’s own data, allowing us to tailor our solutions perfectly to business needs. This way, our clients can instantly benefit from making smarter and more data-efficient decisions, optimising productivity and ROI,” says Beguir. “We strongly believe the support of Endeavor and its highly qualified people, can help fast-track our mission of becoming a global leader within AI.”

The entrepreneurs selected at the 84th ISP in South Africa, come from 18 different companies and 15 markets, Endeavor announced in a press release. InstaDeep was one of only two Tunisian Entrepreneurs.

“As a Tunisian start-up, we are highly invested in AI development on the continent. It is important that we work on breaking down the psychological barrier that still exists in Africa that good things only happen elsewhere. InstaDeep is already proving this is not the case, and as an Endeavor Entrepreneur, we will continue our work to steer the development and opportunities here in the right direction”, says Beguir.

It is not the first time Beguir’s passion and knowledge in the field has been recognised. In November 2017, he was certified by Google as one of only 30 ML/AI Experts worldwide.

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Founded in Tunis in 2015 by Karim Beguir and Zohra Slim, InstaDeep is today an industry renowned AI firm delivering AI products and solutions for the enterprise, with headquarters in London, and offices in Paris, Tunis, Nigeria and Kenya.

Powered by high-performance computing and outstanding research and development breakthroughs, InstaDeep utilises deep reinforcement learning to create AI systems that can optimise decision-making processes in real-life industrial environments. Our skilled in-house team of AI researchers, Machine Learning engineers, Hardware and Visualization experts, harness the expertise to build end-to-end products that can tackle the most challenging optimization and automation challenges, and provide real value and ROI to your business. InstaDeep offers a host of AI solutions, ranging from optimized pattern-recognition, GPU-accelerated insights, to self-learning decision making systems.

InstaDeep partners with organizations such as Deep Learning Indaba, Google Launchpad Accelerator, Facebook Dev Circles and Data Science Nigeria to support the rise of AI in Africa and across the globe.