With our African roots as a Tunisian AI start-up, we have since our very beginning back in 2015, been on a mission to democratise AI in Africa by working extensively in AI research and deploying it in several products. Google has also been incredibly involved in the same purpose, so on 3rd – 4th November we joined forces with their DevRel program to organise an AI Hackathon, in partnership with IEEE ENISo and Gourmandise, in Tunisia.

Twenty-four hours of food, fun, swag, coding and learning, left us profoundly inspired and impressed by the incredible talent that joined from across the country. We can’t wait for next time. Here are some pictures and a video from the event.


AI Hackathon

A little insight of how amazing the Event was!Congratulations to all the participants, we were amazed by your motivation, your perseverance, and your passion for AI!We encourage you to continue learning and to believe in yourselves, the future is yours!Special thanks to @Google Developers who supported the event, to IEEE ENISo Student Branch and their great team for helping us organize everything, to Gourmandise for the delicious food and to ENISo = École Nationale d'ingénieurs de Sousse for hosting us!Video by Fantasy Prod

Posted by InstaDeep on Thursday, November 8, 2018