InstaDeep nominated among ‘top 20 Intriguing Global Startups to Watch’ at MWC by PCMag!

Mar 9, 2017

Instadeep is one of the first AI startups in Africa. Based in Tunis with an office in London, the team of developers, 3-D engineers, sound artists and data scientists takes on a few projects at a time, helping small to midsize businesses (SMBs) create customized apps incorporating computer vision, predictive analytics, 3-D imaging, AR/VR and deep learning.

Improving DeepMind’s DQN algorithm with an adversarial approach

May 1, 2017

We recently turned our attention to the use of adversarial networks in solving reinforcement learning tasks. We have had our eyes on DeepMind’s innovative combination of convolutional neural networks, replay memory and experience replay. In particular, we used an adversarial network formulation to solve the reinforcement learning problem.

InstaDeep joins NVIDIA’s AI Inception Program

Apr 27, 2017

We are humbled and honored to let you know that InstaDeep has been accepted into Nvidia’s Inception Program, which is exclusively dedicated to promising AI startups. NVIDIA, the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), has been the main fuel provider for advances in the field of artificial intelligence ever since it […]

Sampling from a new unsupervised AI model and visualizing it in VR

Apr 17, 2017

We developed a procedure based on recent advances in deep learning, which allows us to extract information from existing data in a mathematically efficient way. Our AI not only learns from the data in an unsupervised way, but it also creates fresh new samples that are distinct yet eerily similar to those it was trained on.

The power of visual AI on your own mobile

Mar 25, 2017

We shed light on the Stanford team’s classification system as recently described in the journal Nature. Later on, we discuss the possibility of implementing this AI algorithm on a smartphone and beyond that, the potential universalization of smartphone-aided healthcare.

A glimpse of AR applications

Mar 22, 2017

This article provides a survey of AR applications and finally an overview of a different AR delivery method: the Hololens, a type of head-mounted display.

Mos Espa under a different (VR) light

Mar 8, 2017

After much hard work, InstaDeep is proud to announce that our team has pioneered a new comprehensive approach in photo to 3D and VR conversion.

On the origins of AR

Feb 15, 2017

Many people still live under the illusion that AR is too complex to use, and worse: that it is a futuristic and unnecessary piece of technology. This article was written to change that narrative and demystify the concept of AR.

Predicting Large Front Sand Dunes Movement with Algorithms and Visual AI

Oct 5, 2016

We present here an initiative to model and predict the evolution of desert dunes on a large front. This article shows through a simplified way how this could be done in principle and describes a potential high impact application when combined with AI/deep learning.

Cool New 3D MRI Reconstruction Model to Use with AR and VR

Sep 23, 2016

Despite major advances in x-ray sources, detector arrays, gantry mechanical design and especially computer performance, one component of computed tomography scanners has remained virtually constant for the past 25 years—the reconstruction algorithm.