01. Reinforcement Learning

Decision-making systems

Life and business are all about decisions. InstaDeep harnesses the power of reinforcement learning to create systems that can make decisions on their own, based on their own autonomous training. Many fields can benefit greatly from this technology, be it robotics, mobility, logistics, finance or healthcare.

02. GPU SuperComputing

GPU-accelerated insights

When you try to deploy AI in your business, compute power is key.

A Multi-GPU setup can be messy and complicated. With Nvidia’s DGX-1 (one of the most powerful AI machines on the market), InstaDeep can help you achieve insane computing power to solve even the most intensive AI problems.


03. Deep Learning

Optimized Deep Learning

Deep Learning delivers high-performance AI for pattern recognition yet is notoriously time-consuming to fine-tune. InstaDeep boosts this process to save you time and money on your computer vision, natural language processing or predictive analytics project.

04. Press & Partners

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05. Team

Karim Beguir - Co-Founder & CEO

Karim Beguir

Co-Founder & CEO

A graduate of France’s Ecole Polytechnique and former Program Fellow at NYU’s Courant Institute, Karim has a passion for teaching and using applied mathematics. He is on a mission to democratize AI and make it accessible to a wider audience.

Zohra Slim - Co-Founder & CTO

Zohra Slim

Co-Founder & CTO

Zohra is completely self-taught. After a stint at the Sorbonne in Paris, she decided to learn coding. Zohra has in-depth knowledge of software development and system integrations. After leading a team of developers in India, she co-founded InstaDeep with Karim.

Rama Cont - Scientific Advisor & Board Member

Rama Cont

Scientific Advisor & Board Member

Rama Cont is Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College, London. He holds a PhD. from Paris-Sud, a DEA from ENS Ulm and graduated from Ecole Polytechnique. As a mathematician, he was awarded the Louis Bachelier Prize by the French Academy of Sciences in 2010. Rama also has extensive experience advising deep tech startups.


06. News

In the News: Nvidia’s talks about InstaDeep’ Self Learning A.I. transforming logistics

InstaDeep presents at Google Agency Day Europe

InstaDeep was invited to present at Google Agency Day Europe, which happened in Google’s European Headquarters at King’s Cross St Pancras. Our CEO, Karim Beguir, was asked to make a presentation explaining the journey to become an AI-led Agency, to a public of more than 200 CEOs, CTOs and senior software developers.

InstaDeep team in the top 1.2% of a global Kaggle competition

Kaggle competitions have become a standard through which many people rate their teams’ talent. So, we are proud of the achievement of our young engineers. They participated in a global competition which goal was to predict taxi trip times in New York City, using more than 1 million actual rides in order to predict ride…

Experimenting with DQN using an adversarial approach

We recently turned our attention to the use of adversarial networks in solving reinforcement learning tasks. We have had our eyes on DeepMind’s innovative combination of convolutional neural networks, replay memory and experience replay. In particular, we used an adversarial network formulation to solve the reinforcement learning problem.

07. Contact

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