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Instadeep’s quality team of developers and engineers delivers the exact product you need, fast and simple.

  • "Why Deep Learning is suddenly changing your life : Decades-old discoveries are now electrifying the computing industry and will soon transform corporate America”

  • "Virtual reality job openings are up 800% year-over-year. Demand for skilled VR developers and designers who can create high-quality content is growing at an unprecedented rate”

  • "Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have the potential to become the next big computing platform and as we saw with the PC and smartphone, we expect new markets to be created”

  • “AI is the new electricity. AI needs to be customized to your business context and data. This is why there is currently a war for the scarce AI talent that can do this work”

Boost Your Product With

Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning

Augmented Reality / 3D Design

Virtual Reality

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How It Works

Grow a Talented Team

Instadeep selects exceptional individuals, from PhDs in applied mathematics to raw tech geniuses. Our education professionals expose them to the latest innovations in science and technology coming from Silicon Valley in a demanding/nurturing program where they can grow their skills with no limits.

Deploy on Your Platform

Instadeep listens to your needs and dedicates the right team to them effortlessly. With proven experience managing successful projects in California, New York and London, we adapt to your time zone and communication tools, and meet your deadlines. Our products are world-class but are unique to you. You remain in control and build your platform.

Deliver a Great Product

After product delivery, we remain on your side to scale up your platform, providing advice and keeping you informed of anything relevant. We constantly refresh our tech tools and refine them through our own R&D to make sure your infrastructure is always world-class. We’re in this for the long term for you.

  • "I've known the founders of Instadeep for many years. They are driven and insanely passionate about their product."

    Pascal Levy-Garboua, Head of Business, Checkr

  • "Incredible service providing an efficient and speedy turnaround. With a highly qualified team, they help you create not only what you want but provide continued support thereafter."

    S. Sadiq - Luxury Promise, London

  • "[...] very professional and very patient with the requests of picky clients like me"

    Meriem Bahri - Artist

Why Our Clients Trust Us

1. Instant Onboarding (on Slack or other)

2. World-class team driven by passion

3. Deep Tech Made with Love

4. Strong Results

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